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Didn't bought it yet but still planning to do, yet still I need to see its first DLC on Gog. ;)

Neverless I watched Sanctus Reach on Youtube, I have to say that both it and Battlesector are similar in gameplay. Sadly it seems that scale of battles in Battlesector is as a noticed smaller than Sanctus Reach especially that there aren't such big units like Land Raider or Imperial Knight. So my question is: since new units are coming, there is the chance we will see potentially bigger units such as Land Raider or Imperial Knight for Blood Angels? Tyranids on other hand could use a Hierodules (Scythed or Barbed variants, better both) from Forge World should Games Workshop could allow this just like it did in Gladius? If so would be also nice to see other units from Forge World as well. :)

I will apprecciate especially if Black Lab Games could answer my questions. :)