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First of all for you devs, congratz on announcing first DLC faction to this game, thought to be honest I expected Sisters of Battle since some of their units are in the game already but still any new faction is welcome to me, its interesting that you went for Necrons since they have new stuff from 9th edition like Skorpeth Destroyers. Also new campaign type sound really cool, kinda like Dark Crusade or even Soulstorm campaigns for Dawn of War 1. :)

Still I found something interesting on Gog pages of this game or specifically its DLC. I found that DLCs for Battlesector lists Polish subtitles in language section whereas base game doesn't, so I want to ask a question for also anyone that owns the game on Gog: does Battlesector actually has a Polish subtitles? Nothing against English, but if yes that's cool because its always a nice thing while playing the game, even if I know English language. In fact entire Dawn of War franchise had a Polish subtitles as well, so I hope that Battlesector does actually have a Polish subtitles.

I will apprecciate if someone could answer my question. :)
Post edited December 17, 2021 by Draconix7
Okay, no one has replied but its okay, I already gotted the game and it does have a Polish subtitles. So my question is answered already. :)