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I really don't understand all the rants about data management:
- data collected during the game sessions are the same that make it possible to manage the so loved game achievements;
- registration of purchases data is necessary, as it is for any transaction in the world. It's a guarantee for both the company and the user (otherwise we couldn't prove our purchases, with unenumerable consequences);
- machine data (hardware and software) are essential to allow game optimization and bug fixes;
- etcetera, etcetera.

In general, all collected data are the same as those collected by any other game (often declared between the lines of a 20-page EULA rather than very clearly in the game menu, which is a sign of great transparency).

At the time of writing this game is averaging 1.8 due to a large portion of 1-star reviews inherent the above mentioned complaints. This attitude makes it extremely difficult to achieve the commercial goals needed to thrive the Industry and provide players with the best possible gaming and post-purchase experience. And of course it discourages developers from investing further on the game itself and on ther titles.

Reviews can have a great influence, and sometimes even be decisive on the future of a software house: they should always be written with responsibility and awareness. 1 or 2-stars grade, if deserved, is more than legitimate; but a low vote cast with prejudice or ignorance is not only illegitimate, it is a resounding damage to the industry we all love.