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I have the Warcraft II Tides of Darkness and Warcraft III Reign of Chaos on CD.

I would like to know if I can get the updates to make it compatable with Windows 10. Or do I need to repurchase the game to make it compatible with Windows 10


Note: The subject should read "Warcraft II and III on original CD" but I can't edit it.
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Peter_Mayhew: I have the Warcraft II Tides of Darkness and Warcraft III Reign of Chaos on CD.
If you have the original DOS release of Tides of Darkness, you can easily run it in DOSBox on Windows 10.

As for Reign of Chaos, I believe that Windows 10 should provide enough legacy compatibility to run it. You might want to patch it to a more recent version (something like 1.28) though, but finding offline patches might no be easy these days.
Latest offline patch for Wc3+TFR is 1.27b. You can register ck-keys in Battle .net and download old downloader (but google it direct llinks on other sites, Personal games list do not show that old downloader). Unfortunate, old downloader download new installer - 1.27a. With missed Exodus of the Horde 3-5 mission campaign. There is no legal method to download any version up to 1.31 - all newest downloaders automatically download Reforged version. Some torrents only. Anyway you do not need this versions. Maybe enable Legacy DirectPlay in Windows features on\off in Control panel - and RUN AS ADMIN function - and that's all.

Old downloaders must be downloaded teice - for ROC and TFT separate. Better find pre-downloaded 1.21b installers - but only on torrents.
As alternative you can download latest PTR version of Warcraft 3 TFT - it install 1.31 beta build. 1.31 itself is very buggy, and beta most likely more bugged. And any new version from 1.27b is completely differ technically - more and more intermediate before Reforged.

Old battle .net edition of Wc2 must work too, but better have DRM-free (and that only differences except GOG DDRAW wrapper that absolutely optional). Again, there is no legal method to gain GOG version for free by old CD-key. Blizzard didnt do that possible.
You can download repack of Wc2 on - latest build compatible with GOG and use GOG exe.