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I just bought the 2 games a moment ago and tried to launch Orcs&Humans but what I'm greeded with is somesort of black screen after couple of clicks and enters I could hear the sound in the back but still can't see anything. Like on the attached files with the seconds shows what it looks like if I Alt tab it. If anyone know how to fix it or experienced it I would appreciate if he could leave a comment
I would try changing DOSBox's output mode. You can either launch the "Graphics Mode Setup" shortcut from your Start Menu or browse to your game folder, open dosbox_warcraft.conf in a text editor and look under the [sdl] section for "output=overlay". I would first try setting it to "openglnb". If that doesn't solve it, try "ddraw" and then the other modes (if doing it manually, they're all listed at the top of the file). Enabling double buffering couldn't hurt, either. If nothing solves it, set them back.

Edit: Also, I'm reading that it may help to right click on your game shortcut, choose Properties, go the Compatibility tab and set Reduced color mode (16-bit).
Post edited March 31, 2019 by jnisbet