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Hi! Thanks for helping out if you can.

1. I found when I select a peon to place a building, I can then mouse scroll like in newer RTS games, is there a way to unlock this? Currently it seems right clicking is the only way to move the camera.

2. How does building placement work? It seems arbitrary.

3. After alt tabing, the game window is really small, is there a way of reverting this to full screen without relaunching the game?

Thanks for any support!
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1. There's a mod for more modern features, but the base game itself does not let you change the mouse settings (aside from speed)

2. You can only place buildings along roads. You can build roads from your town hall.

3. Have you tried pressing alt+enter?
you can use war1gus to fix some of these too.
Or WinWar (link somewhere here somewhere near).
But its both is not Warcraft1 anymore.