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Hello, would you be willing to show me how to get warcraft 2 the cd version working on dosbox? I have the original cd's and dosbox but each time i try to install it says it can't on a 64 bit system. I have many games like this id love to play on dosbox and you seem very knowledgeable. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time!
Im personally can suggest only russian forums
Or this article(and links there) on English

Probably install GOG's DosBox release of Warcraft 1 and look how conf-files configured to launch game.
Better create disc image if you have physical disc. Not in iso - cue(+bin), ccd+img(+sub) or mds(+mdf).

In general, you try install 16-bit setup, which one not possible on x64 OS. There is two ways. More correct is install gme in DosBox as well. You need mount real folder as virtual c:\games\, you need mount disc drive (real or virtual) as virtual disc drive e: in DosBox (or use /imgmount command dierctly to image but that work only for cue+bin or iso which ones are not the best formats and not for real discs).

Probably installer can be insatlled without DOS mode. There is Windows native games that is itself x32 but hhae x16 installers. There is general x16-x32 wrapper 'otdvm', there is few wrappers made for installers, or installers sdk files from newer ver packages. You must copy files to D:\CD\WAR2\ (or somethign like that), put x32 wrapper files above that. And depend on which one wrapper you use start isnatller or start wrapper exe (both as admin). For wrapper exe temporary set it to admin run (dont forget to uncheck it later). Than move setup exe to otvdmw.exe (directly one file to another exe file). Admin run promt appear with message 'program "D:\CD\WAR2\otvdmw.exe" -D:\CD\WAR2\setup.exe -- ask for admin permission '.
For otvdm duckduckgo-it 'otvdm github'.

But you still must mount virtual C:\Games\ and disc mount as disc in DosBox to start the game. You can set autoexec: argument from empty to eg start.conf,create such start.conf file and put there any mount commands. Look to GOG War1 for example of how it do in automatic way.
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