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Hi I was was wondering if anyone has found out if some of the old unofficial expansions and mappacks for Warcraft 2 will work with this version. For those that aren't aware there was a number of unauthorized expansion packs for this game during the late 90s. and a couple that were. While their quality is dubious I am a completionist at heart and would be curious if any would work or would even be worth the effort of getting.

a example of some unauthorized ones

some examples of authorized ones.!Zone

here's the complete list on mobygames,25/so,1d/

if we can rule out which one's work and how to find them and get them to work that would be great.

maybe even make this thread a sticky and find the hidden gems in this stack of bargain basement extensions and bootlegs.
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I mean there's War2 occult with a bunch of custom maps (Known as PUDs back in the day). Other treasure troves may be around online where additional maps can be found.

I'd love to see these campagins that were actually sold, they sound intriguing! :D
Most of the unofficial expansions are just user-made maps taken from the Internet. They should work fine, or at least do in the old Battlenet version.
I had found a site a few years ago that had practically (maybe all?) warcraft 2 map pack CD's for download. I can't remember where it was, but I'm fine giving you a link to my google drive where I have all the maps stored. A lot of the collections had duplicate maps, so I had used a duplicate file finder to clear out the duplicates, so you might find some empty or very small folders. I even have the popular kpud collection and Blizzard's very short lived Warcraft 2 Map of the week collection in there.
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Good news, I found the site that I had pulled all the extras from: If you look in the "See also" section, that's where it has links to practically all the add-ons for Warcraft 2 that were ever released.