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After the last update the game crashes when I try to load a saved game.

I anyone else having this issue?
Even worst, I can't even save new games.
Post edited April 15, 2019 by Beleghir
Have you tried to reinstall? Try it once with the option to keep your saves. If that doesn't work you might have to erase everything and do a clean install.
Yes. I'd already tried a clean install. Issue persists :(
In case someone else comes across this, I found the problem and the solution. It had nothing to do with the version.

The game is hard-coded to support only a limited amount of saved games (around 100). If you try to go beyond this limit you get a message in-game saying so. In order to save a new game you have to delete old ones.

However, the GOG Galaxy Cloud storage ignores this limit when "syncing", and you can end up with more than the allowed files in the save folder. When the game tries to read the save folder in that condition, it crashes, whether it's to save a new game or to load an old one.

To solve the issue, disable the cloud save syncing and delete the excess save files.

Thanks @jsidhu762 for the suggestions.