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Hi there, I haven't been actively buying games on GoG for that long but I'm really liking this store. My question is simple:
Is this version of Warcraft II really completely DRM free? As in: you never need an online connection to play it and you never need to install or use any of blizzard's services. I know this is called battlenet edition so I'm assuming that the answer to my question is simply 'no, you do need to be connected to battlenet'. It's just is a bit confusing since GoG says that every game on their store is DRM free. I'm not talking about multiplayer btw, I'm only interested in the single player campaign. I'd also like to know the answer to the same question for Warcraft I. Thanks for any help you can give me :).
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Fidowolf: ...
It is DRM-free. The " Edition" is just the official name of the Windows-native 1999 variant that had the option to play multiplayer via (which the 1995 DOS original didn't).
Ah ok, thanks so much :D. Guess I'll be keeping it on my wishlist then and probably buy it sometime soon.
As far as singleplayer goes you can buy pretty much any game in the store, download the installer, pull the cable off your computer, install and play to your heart's content.

Just be aware when you're downloading to pick the offline installers instead of the galaxy installers. Because the latter aren't real installers for the game, they instead install the Gog Galaxy client and after that download the game. They might be convenient for those people who like using store clients or something, but it also means you need a connection during installation.