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did anybody try to play warcraft2 with wargus, and how does it compare to original?
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As always that kind remakes - not so good (*). Exactly Stratagus/Wargus - pure project's. It just engine demo, just personal experiments in developing. Now dead. It not add anything except Linux support (again, as always). Absolutely nothing: not new features from Dark Saga, not any from Bnet Edition (wargus based on dos version of ToD). Dont remember expansion support... Probably have in current version. And custom maps probably too.
On Windows better play GOG version with GOG dxwrapper and war2 ru version (or gateways only). Especially if you interest in playing with someone. On Mac OS X better use Win+Mac Retail version + emulator. I know some exist, for both Mac OS X and Windows NT. I saw on YT.

* Especially AI is problem. It must be rewrite in each that kind project's. And only some can handle with that. I'm not sure, but probably War1gus have better AI than original, but it cause original have critical problems. Or I saw it from other War1 remake... yep, something on old-games .ru russian forum, not War1gus.
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