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I am most likely not expecting a response to my issues buy This is my last resort.

First off ALT Tab works but when you load back into the game I get a black screen, Sounds and music still plays fine.

2, Every time the game tries to load up the screen right before you start the game from B NET it auto minimizes itself.

Now I decided to uninstall and reinstall the game and this leads to an even bigger problem.

3. The game now fails to load at all. The launcher loads fine and clicking on WC2 enhanced it instantly crashes without error.
Unistall package of MSI+RTSS and if you need it redownload/install official RivaTuner RTSS distrib package.
Still must be configured before launch, exclude feom autostart.

Close any else apps. Many of them now have hided overlays. Or non hided but real overlays like Discord app.