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The UI appears broken, i cant see whats written. I had to create my account without seeing what I was typing.
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joe333: The UI appears broken, i cant see whats written. I had to create my account without seeing what I was typing.
I'm having the same exact issue. Seems to be common in Windows 11. The workarounds I've seen haven't worked for me. Hoping for an official patch.

EDIT: Actually found a fix someone else posted. Downloaded the zip file here: and extracted it into the game folder replacing the necessary files.

Still hoping for an official patch though.
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Close any overlay/injectors apps.
Close all backvround application. Every.

This solution described on GOG Support website or PCGW article for long time and at least i link them here in many threads about it.
Same for Diablo 1. Actually SC1, Wc2, D1 and D2 have same troublshoot solutions for differ shared issues. But PCGW, GOG and Blizzard did not share solution articles between them.

Third party mods, wrappers and wrapper-mod's are alternate solution. I guess in that case best way is download Warcraft 2 specific fork of cnc-ddraw with working Widescreen hack.

!!! But it is for non Enhanced version and NOT for official !!!

And GOG version ALREADY BUNDLED with own wrapper for Enhanced version (widescreen hack also possible nut with beoken proportions and visual detalisation just like same hacks by wrong GFX card NV/AMD settings).

This is why Wc2 Widescreen mod is better than general wrapper(s). If put some mods make it incompatible - better do it with more speciric version.

CnC-ddraw is not a wrapper like degevoodoo. More like mod (even standard cnc-ddraw).

Wc2 Widescreen mod is supported by unofficial War2ru server. You can play there by adding their gateway to Win REGEDIT. Manually or download reg file from their website Downloads section.
This is another plus for Wc2 specifc veraion of cnc-draw. Link to download on War2ru forum. I guess shoupd be also linked on github forks section of original cnc-ddraw by link above.

Or go to GOGs games Library - Wc2 - MORE - SUPPORT - Additional info on PCGamingWiki. And look to improvments section on PCGW article.
(im from phone sry too lazy to give direct links)

Blizzard do everything to kill official servers population. Many issues with them and complete unavaiability (for D1 too) time to time. There is almost no one there. Very few ppl on weekend's and 0-1 during week. Although war2ru population also come to very low. It is at least 15+ at same time.
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