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why do you not update here??? are we second hand gamers here or??? i see allot games from around it always days, even weeks behind in updates compared to steam
Post edited April 26, 2018 by Wilderdk
I opened a support ticket about the lack of patches a few days ago, have not recieved a response yet.
its updated now ;)
Sorry for the delay. We had thought the update had been pushed to GOG but for some reason this had failed on our end. We always try to get updated to GOG ASAP but unfortunately it's not part of our automatic build process and has to be handled distinctly as a separate entity to the Steam builds.

This can make it difficult to maintain parity at times but rest assured we've not forgotten about our GOG customers and we don't intend to treat anyone as second-rate. We'll do our best to appropriately check the GOG builds in the future and communicate any delays appropriately.
Thanks ;) <3
Did you ever fix the issue of the level-specific achievements not unlocking in gog (though they did in-game)?