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It looks like you have to change resolution one step at a time.
I'm trying to get it to 2560x1080 for an ultrawide 21:9 monitor. Trying to click thru the resolutions it hits something that I get no picture and have to end the process. Is there any way to get a full selection to visually choose it without having to work through them since .. I can't use it that way it appears.
Leaving it at 1920x1080, stretched to 21:9 looks distorted, especially when the globe is up, looking more like an egg than the familiar shape of a planet.

It seemed that first I had to click the left chevron to increase resolution, then the next time I had to click the right chevron, both from the 1920x1080 initial setting so.. I'm confused on that too.

Ideas? Otherwise I will just have to deal with it as is at std full hd.

Thanks in advance for any assist.!
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