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Game crashes 1/4 of the time. Usually within 30 seconds of starting it.

Occasionally sounds get stuck in a loop. Prax, Larian, and Cephads seem to be the source most often.

Cycot Mobile Autobiotes have a Biomass of 40. The research abstract says Biomass 30.

After finding 0CTO and returning to the Vertical Shaft Liang mentions the ancients in stasis. Except in my game he hadn't been to The Helm yet to discover this.

I had level 5 in all rooms before reaching The Helm. Then I read this causes one of the endings to not work so I lowered it in a few of them. Yet on the map it still showed them at level 5. While doing the signal visualizer part and approaching the right pedestal to show the message was understood Liang and Amani started a conversation about whether he should activate it. It seems like this conversation shouldn't happen until after the power station is repaired.
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Just finished version 2.0.0, all of the bugs you refer to have been fixed, except for the occasional sound loop just as you described.

*** SPOILERS ***

Yet, with skipping dialogues option now available it is possible to activate the "flight" ending, then immediately go to the other control and trigger the "biological" ending instead. Logically it's possible that both mechanism could work in tandem, but would be nice if ending animations took account of such possibility.

It's also unclear how you manage to escape "flight" ending back into the cave system. A sequence where you have to jump off, possibly onto various falling platforms, would be a most welcome action climax. Additionally, the "control" cavern has a completely different layout before and after launch, which doesn't seem realistic.

Also, animation for the "biological" ending does not show the "beam". Nor does the pan out over the primary outpost after elevating the cocoon doesn't show it at all, seems reused from the ending possible to execute earlier during the game.

My biggest gripe with the game is that the layout of caves and mechanisms therein doesn't match what's happening in any of the endings. Some of the caves seem like pointless filler required to gather more power and ultimately a drag, given all research can be completed half-way through the game. Also, discovering 0CT0 doesn't bring much advancement into the story despite "grand revelations" it refers to after being found. Somewhat counter-dramatic and slightly disappointing after it's required for you to complete two additional cave system just to get it. "Chamber of Echoes" and "Missing Pieces" is never explained either.

Also, the "flight" ending seems to totally ignore the fact that if Sentients wanted to fly away they could have just do that billions years earlier, setting up *and* executing the biological framework themselves. I'd love if the ultimate goal of the game would be for the biological system to repopulate the surface, even if that was the only ending. The size and strength of repopulation would be directly proportional to your biomass efforts and it would explain why some Sentients decided to remain behind instead of leaving before the apocalypse with the others. It would also create a platform for additional DLCs, i.e. helping evolve new ecosystems on the rocky surfaces and then launching additional efforts like atmosphere restoration and launching a beacon for the Sentients to come back home. Much better closure, IMHO.

That said, great effort. Have the above issues be solved, I will gladly spend cash for a remake or next episode.