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Even this guy who has a penchant for punishing himself with hard games gave up.
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Most platformers are for people who have a sadistic penchant for punishment.

They are not worth it. The games that is.
Um, actually, I did beat this. It wasn't that hard, although I died a ton. A few parts were seemingly impossible, but then somehow you just get lucky and get past, but for the most part it was all about learning how the game works and I found it very fun.
It was satisfying as heck to spend a long time on one part and then finally beating it by yourself.
I know this is an old thread.

I just bought the game and finished it today. Finished it in 2 hours 16 mnutes, found 16 blobby things and died 865 times.

Yeah, it was tough at times but never once did I feel like giving up
Thanks all.