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Hi guys,

We have uploaded the latest and greatest version of Volgarr the Viking. Please visit your game shelves and download the brand-new installer.


All World 2 maps (both paths) streamlined to be more in-line with other
Worlds in terms of difficulty curve, time between checkpoints, and VRAM
space required.
Added a very brief visual warning before a Slime spawns and drops on
your head, and made them hop slightly less often.
Reduced the health of Crab Battler by 1.
World 3 ghost enemies pause slightly longer before flying toward you.
World 3 boss is now easier to hit from the ground using the normal
World 4 boss fight is now less boring/tedious when using a specific
slow-but-safe method.
Fixed rolling off a cliff edge and cancelling into a down-stab causing
the player to get potentially hit by a projectile they were previously
rolling under (which would not happen if dropped into a fall instead of a
Fixed screenshot hotkey (F11) not working
Made full-screen windowed mode more alt-tab-friendly.
Fixed inconsistent game play speed on some setups, particularly those
with monitor refresh rates other than 60Hz or 120Hz.
Clicking the Maximize button on the game window will switch to
full-screen windowed mode rather than true full screen mode (true full
screen requires the Graphics menu or Alt+Enter).
Improved support for multi-monitor systems when running the game in
windowed modes (full-screen mode is still primary monitor only).

Thanks and enjoy :)
Post edited October 03, 2013 by JudasIscariot
Thanks for the update!
Another update is needed that saves the game's progress to a file in the User's documents folder , and not to a registry key!