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SSolomon: I noticed the steam version has been updated. Would just like to know the plans for keeping the GOG version up to date.

Change log for those interested -

Changed resource packing system to avoid getting a false positive tag by certain over-zealous virus scanners claiming the game is a Trojan (unfortunately this causes the update to be as large as the game itself).
Made the level skip warp entrance a bit more obvious in World 1.
Exiting the pause menu no longer prevents immediately moving forward without needing to release and re-press left/right.
Hitting a large enemy with the back of your sword swing while in the air facing away from them will no longer pull you closer to them.
Extended support for DirectInput controllers from 14 buttons to 31 buttons.
Can now map mouse buttons to actions like jump and attack.
Added ability to make the Look Around button a toggle, via Options -> Settings.
Fixed falling far, grabbing a rope, jumping off, and landing causing the "hard land" animation even though didn't fall far from the rope.
Volgarr can now step up a few pixels automatically when walking instead of being required to jump over very tiny ledges.
Fixed some minor art/collision mismatches in World 5.
Now defaults to only loading resources that are needed at startup, to reduce RAM usage and speed up initial load time. However this does cause longer loads between maps. This change can be disabled in Options -> Settings.
Fixed rare crash (usually reported as a Runtime Error) when run through many maps in a single play-through.
Added a full-screen window option available in the Graphics menu or via the command-line option -fullscreenwindow
Added command-line option to force a specific resolution (-w=### -h=###).
Added command-line option to force start in windowed mode (-window).
Added command-line option to force full screen vsync method (-vsync=1 for cpu, -vsync=2 for gpu, -vsync=3 for neither).
It'll be here soon :)
Strannik_S: Soon?
Check your account :)
shmerl: A related question, is the changelog available on GOG itself? GOG says - "new" and shows the version as (not as 1.02). Is there any way to see what's in the update on GOG? I didn't find anything like that.
It's all in the sticky: