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Intro movie was fantastic, really set the tone.... the game is a boring confusing slog with no narrative to guide you.

I'm all for cerebral games but this is slow and confusing. 40 minutes of playing and I was lost and confused. A few lights flickered and didn't get anywhere, found few keys one of which opened a room that had nothing at all going on in it. Clues and what to do is very sparse and worthless, after wondering around clicking everything lighting stuff on fire and moving candles with no success I returned it. Why should I have to work beyond 40 minutes or hunt down a walk though/youtube to move on? I don't feel like I should thats bad game design. I truly gave it a chance and tried hard to progress, I figured out Sanitarium and STASIS so this should have been a breeze!

Stear clear of this if your looking for a solid spooky game, this is not it. Save your money, watch a long-play on YouTube or save your sanity and just ignore it.