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Has anyone got that texture bug in this game?

I've noticed that some grass textures (the grass spots visible from the third mission on) are buggy. At first I thought it was just snow, but it also appears later, definitely in non-snowy levels.
Looking closer, it looks like a wrong texture (normal maps?) is applied, and generally the ground texture on grass spots looks white-ish, where it shouldn't.
I've checked gameplay videos, and they should definitely appear like green or muddy grass textures. I didn't notice anything odd like that during the first two missions (ice boss, the other clan by the beach). It appears from the third one, with the Troll mini-boss at the beginning. A similar bug shows up on some other ground effects.

I tried installing the game on another computer with another config, the same issue appears (so that's with an nVidia 970 (Win10, Linux Wine), and a 560 (Win10)).
I've also found that switching graphic presets from the options during a game, especially to Lowest then back to anything else, just turns those textures black. It fixes itself after a restart, but the above bug remains (it loads textures, but the wrong ones).

I also tried different characters, all options... nothing works.

I'm actually wondering if there's an issue with the game data (I've tried both Galaxy's Verify and repair, and the offline backup installer). The changelog states the game version is 2.04, but the game menu shows 2.1 ?

Barrels tend to be invisible too, at random. But that's a bug which is discussed on the Steam forums, and less distracting to me (seriously, at some point during the third mission, a troll's face normal map was 'laid out' on the ground!)
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