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I can't progress in the game because I can't get passed the mission Hunt Dvergar which is part of the campaign.. every time I get to 29/30 I go back and look for the one I missed and that one is ALWAYS invulnerable it even says it under its health bar. I tried dying so I could respawn and see if that worked.. but it didn't. Now the enemy is invulnerable and it has no health bar. This is on Xbox one by the way.

UPDATE: Restarted and did the mission all over.. and it worked. Thank goodness. But that was a huge pain to have to do over again.


Turns out Hunt Dvergar is not a mandatory quest on the campaign, it's a hunt map. But every time I go to progress with the story.. it puts me into "Hunt Dvergar" Even though I choose the mission Simul's Lair. (Which I've already done.) What is going on?! I can't progress in the game if this stuff is going to happen. I literally can't get any further in the story.
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