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So, i had the issue that my character had been reset to the "default character" after the mission "Bishop of the earth".
When we were back in the village my character had no Perks, no Skillpoints, had another "Start-god", no gear (except some items). Level, gold, blood, wood, iron stayed. Appereance was changed to the default-character (the blond female).

I was playing in LAN mode and was not the host.

thanks to my programming skills I found a way to restore my character - here is how (for everyone that has the same issue):
***be aware that this can be careful (break you character/savegame completely etc.etc) and you do this at your full own risk***
***if you want to do this you could maybe read a minor spoiler in your save-files***
1) go to %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Games Farm s_r_o_\Vikings_ Wolves of Midgard\
2) Backup the Folder "saves" (so you can restore it if anything goes wrong)
3) change into the "saves" directory
4) i've got 3 files in there (maybe you've got more or less files in there depending on your charactersetup):
- slots_r24.sav (leave it)
- game_r24_s0_c0.sav (has been generated when i created my character and startet the intro)
- game_r24_s0_c1.sav (this is my save that is always updated on progress)
5) SInce we want to change our character stats of our newest character-revision open the file in a text editor
6) Now is the tricky part. If you know what JSON is and how it works: Perfect you can understand and modify the file by yourself. If not: I reccommend you to copy the whole content and use a "JSON Editor Online"[again: your own risk which data you pass there] and paste it there. It should format the Text you copied that you can modify it very easy.

If you don't want to use an online JSON Viewer you can just use the "find"-function in your text-editor or a programm like "Notepad++". Or an offline JSON-Tool.
7) You always want to do the same: modify values of given properties. Here is a list of what you should check: (you need to know the level and god of your character)

startingGod - full path: playerStorage > data > (array position 4) > startingGod - this is the name of your starting god
skillPoints - full path: playerStorage > data > (array position 4) > skillPoints - you get 2 skillPoints for every level, so I believe for level 11 you get 20 points (+ points you didn't spend)

with every levelup you can spend 1 point to one of these:
healthLevelBonus - full path: playerStorage > data > (array position 2) > healthLevelBonus
damageLevelBonus - full path: playerStorage > data > (array position 2) > damageLevelBonus
attackSpeedLevelBonus - full path: playerStorage > data > (array position 2) > attackSpeedLevelBonus
resistanceLevelBonus - full path: playerStorage > data > (array position 2) > resistanceLevelBonus
armorLevelBonus - full path: playerStorage > data > (array position 2) > armorLevelBonus

Now let's get to your appereance: If you only had one file like "game_r24_s0_c0.sav" then it's getting complicated. In the case that anyone should need to know how to do this somebody (or me) can extend this post.
If you've got a save of your character where it looked like you designed it open that save-file and search for:

customisation - full path: playerStorage > data > (array position 4) > customisation > customisation
it should look like this:
copy this part and replace the same part in your JSON, that probably looks like this:

If you're using a JSON tool you probably need to generate the text (JSON-string) and copy it into your save-file (replace it). Remeber to overwrite the correct file! Then save the file and start your game and hope that everything went right ;-)

If you're using an text-editor just save the file after editing and start you game. Hope that everything went right ;-)

Then you only have to buy new items and use your character.
conclision: I really hope nobody else has this problem but with this way you can at least restore a lot of your character. not everything but at least the most important.

If youve got any problems, comments, etc. etc. just post them here.

PS: I can not set my own post as solution
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