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Blocking bug on bishop of earth first dialogue, nothing happen when clicking on "continue", tried french and english, with and without subtitles, can'y find passtrough for the moment
got this bug tooo, when he starts his introductory dialog when you arrive disguised as "iron from the swamp" thanks to the witch

but you cant get him to continue the dialog, and are stuck without combat starting

got also the bug in poisonous portal world, when i arrive at first encounter with the female giant where there are the 3 glowing safespot in blue... giantess doesnt even show up and can't go further

also had bug at the end of flotnar fight; win the fight against waves of soldiers, free the last solo prisonner (chieftain) then stuck in the zone and can't go further
miko66: snip
Djaron: snip
With the new patch it works for me. Please try it. Another workaroud was to play to the last "saveflag" and quit the game. After that you load the last checkpoint. Hope it will help you.