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Well...some will suggest that i should search old threads about rebells...i did..there're quite a number and most are useless.

Most rebells fit their role, esp. national rebells but thats not true for jacobin rebells.

At the moment i am playing Prussia->Great Germany, year 1900, i have full voting right since 1870, several social reforms, free press, labor Unions, no free population is unemploeyed, , 65% get all their daily needs and 35% get their luxury needs...

my average militancy is 1,6, some states have temporary militancy up to 5 because of those nice national and colonial events...

everything counted together 0,07% of my Popolation wan't more political reforms..some more party rights some more rights for labor unions...that 28k

How do i get Jacobin groups counting in Millions every 10-15 years, having several hundred regiments..that doesn't make any sense.

Could someone explain to me how the armed part of a political movement can be 50+ times bigger then the whole movement?
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