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I just got this game and there is a note about the dlc items appearing in the hub. What exactly is the hub? Is it as sson as you start playing?
It's the Castle you enter just right after the tutorial level and dungeon.

Many people get confused so I'm also going to note that if you don't finish the Tutorial, the next time you will start at the same place near the entrance of the city again.

After entering the Castle/Hub, you will start there every time when you continue the game and be able to fast travel/teleport from the world map. Also to note that there is fast travel back to the Hub from the in-game menu via the "Return to Hub" button which many people seem to miss (that might be our fault not communicating it correctly).
Thank you for the clarification. I bought this on a whim and am happily surprised how much I'm enjoying the game you created.