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Hi all,

We have uploaded an updated PC installer for Vertical Drop Heroes HD. Please download and install this new version at your earliest convenience in order to get the latest and greatest :)


This version fixes the final boss so that he always appears in the final level.

Thanks and have a nice day :)
Thanks Judas! You're awesome. Remind me to add you into one of my future games....
Before I install this, where is the savegame file located? I want to make a backup in case the uninstall/re-install goes wrong :o)
The updated version is fully compatible with existing saves, and ensures you won't be stuck in the final battle without the boss appearing in the PC version. However, if you are really worried, just go to %appdata% and backup the Vertical_Drop_Heroes_HD folder!
OK, it worked fine. Thanks mate ;)
No problem, enjoy the game, and try not to die by falling into lava! Haha.