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For a Visual Novel SRPG, VenusBlood HOLLOW gameplay aspect are pretty deep, engaging, and sometimes some of the fights here are difficultly impossible to get through or finish without proper tactics and stuffs, nevertheless its very addictive and enjoyable to play once you get the hang of the game!

To make your lives much easier, I’ll be providing this zip files that I found in the Internet which contains three PDF files relating on how to reach the law/chaos routes of the game as well as the true ending itself.

In addition, it includes an opinionated guide on which units are the best to use in the game as well as guides to unlock hidden/guest units.

The Guides/Walkthrough itself is not created by me but by someone named Lochinvire. I’m just sharing his guide and all…

At first as you play the game, you might get overwhelmed with the numerous amount of the stats and abilities of various unit types. My personal advice would be to start or play the game in normal mode to give yourself sometime to be familiar on how the gameplay works since the ingame tutorial does not really explain everything, it only covers the barest of the basic stuffs in the game. Don’t bother trying to complete each mission on S++ in your first playthrough to avoid needless frustrations. Your units kinda suck at first but they’ll eventually improve overtime and turn into killings machines!

Try playing the chaos route first since its tons of fun and you get better units in that route. Then after beating the game at least once in normal mode, try progressing from hard, very hard, and if you dare, play the Thanatos mode….

That would be all I guess. Hope this guide will help you as it did to me! Good luck on your adventures in VenusBlood HOLLOW! It’s one of the finest VN/EROGE SRPG ever!
Thank you for your effort!