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Dear All,

I'm a bit confused. Such Furmium keys were in previous levels a secret. In The Librarian they aren't. After some hours of walking arround and solving a few tricky puzzles i'm close to give up to search for secrets. Anybody some hints ? I've found 0/2.
I finished the game, but hardly found any secrets (the secret switches are just too hard to see and I realy didn't want to stare at every wall forever). Never found that first secret fumium key either.

If you really want to find all secrets, there's an LP on youtube already of someone playing it through with all secrets. Just search for the title of the current level to find the right video.

going through 2 videos since 1h, they haven't found the 2 Librarian secrets. I wonder, i did there many optional stuff, wonder why no one has triggered a secret.
Hi, try look around in place where si one door that can't be open with button.
Yes the door :). Thanks for the hint, i've found now one in the area but still need to look how to open this door...

have both, really nice hidden...
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