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Hey guys! Here's a full list of changes, patch by patch, so you can easily find what was added when. Also thanks for the similar post here on the forums! We just wanted to make it official. :)

Patch #14 (19-02-2019)

- Added an option to toggle head bobbing while moving. Motion sickness no more!
- Added an option to toggle Stop Time Mode sounds.
- Added options to toggle audiovisual indicators when you're low on health.
- Added an option to set the type of your controller. This should fix, hopefully, all issues with controllers. If your controller doesn't work the way you'd expect, this setting will force the game to make the controller behave. :)
- Improved the performance when reapplying the same skill to the player over and over (acid pool and such effects).
- Improved the performance of the auto-map and the GUI overall.
- Improved the performance of animations, some visual effects, and post-processes.
- Improved culling to increase performance.
- Improved overall rendering performance.
- Reduced the disk space the game takes by about 40%.
- Fixed: Tooltips hide when you move items between containers and your inventory.
- Fixed the cursor misbehavior when the supersampling setting is not set to 1.0.
- Fixed a few issues in localization.
- Fixed: The button after the flame turret in L05 (The Riddle of Steel) can sometimes get you stuck, closing the door behind you, with no way to open the door again.
- Fixed: Some controllers may crash the game.
- Fixed: When you move into a hole in the Stop Time Mode, you don't fall. :D
- Fixed: Some "bloody" effects still show up when the Gore setting is set to off.
- Fixed: Shock Spider's light shines through walls.

Patch #12 (31-08-2018)

Added controller support.
- Fixed: When you quit to the main menu while the automap is out of order, it will remain so even when you start a new game.
- Fixed: The unique sword Lithe Blade's burning effect (DOT) does not deal damage to other nearby enemies.
- Fixed: Return damage from some shields and the Heavy Rig resets the behavior of an enemy affected by the Manipulator gadget. This is inconvenient, as sometimes the enemy resets right after you use the Manipulator on it.
- Fixed: Some specific values of FOV (graphical setting) can cause visual glitches when being pulled by a Magnet Golem.

Patch #11 (30-07-2018)

- Added Mac support.
- Added a few game tips to clarify some mechanics & interactions. This is also due to the upcoming controller support.
- Added a "Toggle HUD" button (default: F4). You can use this to make HUD-less screenshots.
- Fixed issues in Slovak, Japanese, and Chinese localizations.
- Fixed: While you're in the process of dying and a game tip shows up, the game crashes.
- Fixed item container size.
- Fixed tooltips for Fumium Capacitor, Combat Fuse, Tech Fuse, Toughness Fuse, and Cicruit Upgrade.
- Fixed other minor bugs.

Patch #10 (12-06-2018)

- Fixed a typo in the English localization.
- Fixed: Free look is broken on Linux.
- Removed the RedShellSDK.dll file. It was not being used, but we forgot to remove it altogether.

Patch #9 (29-05-2018)

- Rolled back the controller support. We will re-enable it when it's 100% done.

Patch #8 (28-05-2018)

- Fixed a few minor issues and a rare crash we bumped into.
- This patch also includes official controller support, which we planned to add in a future patch. We did not intend to release it now, as it's not quite finished and 100% bug-free yet, but we'll let it fly. So, enjoy that too! We will update it in the future for sure.

Happy gaming! :)

# Patch #6 (23-02-2018)

- Linux build! :) (Tested on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.)
- Added Hungarian language, thanks to Zsolt Brechler!
- All consumable items can now stack. This was inconsistent where some did stack (e. g. Repair Kits) and some did not (e. g. Fumium Cells).
- Fixed: Reinfusor & Overcharger modules have buggy interactions. You can activate gadgets for free, basically.
- Fixed: In some rare conditions, the game can crash when unable to load & parse the EnemyShowcase.dat file.
- Fixed a few typos in game tips.
- Fixed: Item comparison tooltip option does not save correctly.
- Fixed: Some shaders and materials do not work correctly on Linux.

Patch #5 (15-12-2017)

- Added a new, 4th rig. You'll find it where the original three are.
- Added 3 new circuits.
- Increased max level cap: 16 -> 17.
- Added an enemy showcase where you can read detailed info on enemies you beat.
- Fixed: Total damage multiplier sometimes applies twice.
- Fixed: Weapon damage shown in the inventory panel does not account for dual-wielding damage penalty.
- Fixed: Difficulty change prompt sometimes shows up even if you aren't dying much.
- Fixed: Certain interactions with Puller Golem's pull may crash the game.

Patch #4 (04-12-2017)

- Added item comparison tooltips.
- Added a Stop Time Mode.
- Added an on-screen directional keypad.

Patch #3 (21-11-2017)

- Added a direction damage indicator so you can see where the damage is coming from.
- Increased the max FOV to 150. Note that values above 135 will likely cause visual glitches (this also depends on the screen ratio).
- Fixed missing names for some keyboard keys. **NOTE:** Please make sure your controls work after the patch, as some of the hotkeys might get unassigned. You just need to reassign them once more.
- Other small fixes.

Patch #2 (02-11-2017)

- Added 9 official languages: Slovak, Czech, Russian, Polish, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Chinese (simplified).
- Added the ability to write community localizations. Head to the Localization folder and read the help file for more info.
- Improved organic hit sounds to sound more meaty and impactful.
- Added difficulty change prompt when you die a lot in a short time.
- Tweaked: Emergency Braces module will now also activate when you're below the threshold when it comes off cooldown. Previously, this only activated when taking damage.
- Tweaked: Drainer gadgets now heal you for a portion of your max integrity, with a hard cap, instead of flat heal. Previously, you could abuse the system to get a lot more healing. Check this post: for more info. Thanks *motorbit*!
- Fixed: In some cases, the automap may remain disabled even after returning from the teleport chambers in the Arx Vaporum level.
- Fixed: In rare cases, in the last room of Creepy Little Things, when you teleport back, the door remains closed and you cannot go back.
- Fixed: The chest with coal on platform in Boiling Point sometimes glitches, falling down.
- Lots of other small fixes.

Patch #1 (09-10-2017)

Hey guys! We just uploaded a patch, adding some requested game options, slight difficulty balancing, and bugfixing. Enjoy! :)

- Difficulty changes:
- Final boss health: -15%
- Acid Roach:
- Health: -18%
- Acid pool damage: -16%
- All roaches can now drop Repair Kits. This was disabled, for some obscure reason. :)
- Decreased the difficulty of some of the hardest encounters in the Haunted (L03) and Librarian (L04) levels.
- **Note:** For this to take effect, you have to load an autosave or quicksave in the previous level (so end of L02) and then continue to L03, or to just start a new game.
- Added new options:
- Invert mouselook: You can now invert the up-down mouselook.
- Mouselook sensitivity.
- Toggle idle camera animation: When you remain still for a while, the camera starts looking around. You can toggle this now.
- Field of view slider.
- Phonodiary auto-play: You can toggle whether you want phonodiaries to automatically play or not.
- Aspect ratio filter added for 21:9 (2.33:1). Set the filter to "All" if you don't see your resolution listed in the list.
- Fixed a dead-end in the Office level (thanks TurnSpender!). See this:
- Fixed: Hardware cursor flickers while mouselooking.
- Fixed: Restoring HP and EP is not 100% correct in rare cases.
- Squashed a few other nasty bugs. (No roaches were harmed! That's up to you guys!)
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Bad news: Now I'll have to start a new game to check out the new rig!

Good news: Now I'm going to start a new game to check out the new rig!

Indie developers spoiling gamers with their free content upgrades makes AAA look like the screaming greedy pricks that they are!...If we only buy AAA games at a deep 80-90% discount just maybe those pricks will learn how to treat their suppporters!
Thanks, the Arx Pedia is awesome!
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Thank you guys! We do appreciate it! :)
Going to buy this game in the sale. Glad to see you're supporting it here as well as Steam, since I prefer to support gog.