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Here are FAQ to answer some of the questions that come up from you guys. :)

Plans to port to Linux / Mac / consoles?

We currently plan to port the game to Linux & Mac. No concrete date though. As for other platforms, it depends on how the game does, but we will definitely consider other ports.

I have a solid PC, but the game still has low FPS.

Try disabling Screen Space Reflection (very demanding feature). On high screen resolutions, also disable Volumetric Lights.

Any other languages than English?

Yes, we will soon have Chinese, Czech, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Slovak, Spanish, and Russian languages in the game.

How long is the game?

12h-20h, depending on how much content & story you want to explore. Finding every single secret and lore takes time. :)

Can I create a party / characters?

There is only one character you control. He is a predefined person with a history you can explore. He has a name and he is fully voiced. This, however, does not detract from customization in regards to RPG and character builds. You're very free to build him as you please. And because you only control a single character instead of a party of four or more, we put more depth into the RPG system so that you have plenty of options to choose from and combine.

Does Vaporum suffer from "dancing around enemies" syndrome?

To a certain degree, yes. The very basic enemies are slow and a bit dumb, so you can dance around them. But the more advanced enemies (and you will face a lot of them) are very agile, having all sorts of area attacks, dashes, jumps, and other special moves that make it very hard to just use dancing successfully. You will definitely need to think about how to outmaneuver and outsmart them.

We didn't like the dancing part of crawling ourselves so we did everything to make it difficult to use in Vaporum. :)

Can I play with a controller?

Not yet. We will look into this and hopefully add the support.

In the meantime, maybe this can help: