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Hello all grid-based-dungeon-crawler enthusiasts ;-)

There is my [work in progress] maps for Vaporum (a little bit annotated) with all secrets found:

Level 1: Into The Monster
Level 2: Waterworks
Level 3: Haunted
Level 4: The Librarian
Level 5: The Riddle of Steel
Level 6: Boiling Point
Level 7: Creepy Little Things
Level 8: Poisoned Halls
Level 9: Fumium Experiment
Level 10: Arx Vaporum
Level 11: The Office
Level 12: The Reunion

* maps are compiled from my in-game screenshots and used as backgroud in Dungeon Mapper Online...

Attached examples (exported maps as images):
Post edited October 14, 2017 by dj.501
Excellent work :)
Wow, this is excellent! Good job!
Game finished, and Maps too, including that Teleporter Area in The Office level ;-)
All secrets found.
OMG! Really you change my life=) Take a five for this!
Thanks Man. Great Work!
Thanks, great work!

On level 3, [23,11] is not a secret but [16,7] is. There's also a button at [17,4], NW corner (opens [10,3]).
Umm... The site that you linked to appears to be down.