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The Astronauts have released the redux version on Steam:

Hope to see it on GOG soon...
Good to see current owners of the original getting upgraded for free :D

Hopefully it will just get added to our library or we check out with it and it is free.

Their blog says it will be on GOG. It isn't in my library yet.
Just bought it on GOG for that reason but can't see any mention of it?
It is on its way.. it says so on their blog. Give it a few days :)
This is great news!
if it wasn't for the fact that we "GOGers" are almost always a "second" choice.. lol
Do you smell that? Must be a burned F5 key ;/
Hope to see the update soon here. the GoGers work on weekends?
If not then we will see the update on monday at the earliest - right?
Post edited September 12, 2015 by eispfogel
Should be up soon
guys.. lol

well, i'd like to give it a try before the new week starts! ; F
GOG probably is doing some testing to be sure everything works fine, just be patient.
Seems like that didn't work out :(
Haldi4803: Seems like that didn't work out :(
so it's there for the weekend

To my knowledge the weekend is already over.