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Does anyone know how to enable real anti-aliasing, such as super sampling or multi-sample? Since morphological AA doesn't do a damn thing at all except make textures blurry, but leaves everything aliased as shit, I'd like to find a solution to make this game look halfway decent. It seems like it'd be fun if it didn't hurt my eyes so much. I have a GeForce GTX 980 TI, but the AA method they use is shader-based so the nVidia CP can't enhance it, and turning AA on the CP doesn't do a thing.

I haven't screwed around with Dynamic Super Resolution (such a stupid name for what is in effect, as far as I can tell, just Full Scene AA, please correct me if I'm wrong) ever, is this a case in which I would need to do that? If so, how would I add the custom resolutions to the game? I play at 2560x1440.

Another thing is that I'd like it to cap drawing to 85 FPS (my display is set to 85Hz). 60 FPS is the highest that frame cap allows. Would enabling V-sync do the exact same thing functionally? I know it would have similar results, but I'm talking about functionality. Having a frame cap as opposed to v-sync, if I understand correctly, would make my card not have to work as hard, yes? With v-sync, doesn't the card still render as much as it can but throw away frames that don't sync?

Hopefully some smarter people can give me some answers. I do consider myself an advanced PC gamer, and I work in IT, but I'm also in my thirties and haven't kept up as much with newer graphics tech knowledge as I did when I was in my teens and twenties.
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