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Yes, I bought the game a second time, as I am wont to do... What can I say? I'm a confirmed goglodyte!
Anyway, I noticed it did not immediately see my save games from my old version, but copying them over was very easy.

In case anyone else wants to know:

1) Start a new game
2) Create a new character
3) Exit
4) Locate the savegame folder: C:\Users\{Username}\Documents\NeocoreGames\Van Helsing\SaveGame
In here will be at least two folders with numerical names, the old and the new
Not sure if this is standard but the gogVan Helsing created folder had a hyphen in front of the number
5) Copy everything within the old folder, obviously not the folder itself
6) In the new save folder, delete the newly created files and folders and paste the old data in there
7) Restart

Worked for me.

There is possibly a much simpler way to do this, but I couldn't find a file in the game folder itself pointing to the new folder that I could edit directly.