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We are introducing a faster way to deal with bugs: the Mantis Bug Tracker! The bug tracker allows people to submit issues via a web browser after registration. The progress of fixing can be followed as well, so now you can see who fixes your problems and when!

It can be accessed at


You can access the bug tracker by hitting the ESC button in any Van Helsing games - it is the easiest way to report a problem, and it is guaranteed that we see it as well ;)

Please provide as much data as you can when submitting bugs, and do not send in duplicate issues, or issues belonging to other games - select the right game (Final Cut) before you submit something. Thanks!

Assume, i found bug in the release1 and it's resolution =deferred and the developer wants to fix the bug in the release5. What he is willing to do is, in the View issues tab - he would choose those bugs [deferred] by selecting the Project = release1 and wants to move a copy of those to the release5 with the same bug-id as it is in the release1 and change the status = fixed.At the end, in the 2 releases, the bug should be present with the same bug-id.