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the back story: when I bought Van Helsing Final cut I tried to register an account.

I used my main private email but as I did not receive the validation link and there is no way to request a resend (at least from within the game), I used my gmail account.

Since then I play by login using this account, but I have 2 issues:
1) I do not find a way in the account settings to change the email (I can change password and few other things but not the email).
In the end I received a validation email on my private one, but too late.

2) I want to login on their forum but no way.
If try to login on the forum it tells me something goes wrong.
If I click "create account", the system brings me back to the main neocore home page where I'm logged in. If, from there, I click the "forum" button, I'm not logged in. And it loops.

I contacted support but they sent me a usual validation link, no use at all for my problem.

Their login system is ... not very good to say the least.

[Edit] After writing this I tried to edit my settings (like date of birth and gender).
I'm logged in, I click "Account", change those things, click save, and I get a message "Nickname already in use". Well ...

No way I can buy another neocre game any more.

[Edit 2] I tried to write to their support from within the website, when I click send it tells me I'm blocked.

That's enough, neocore on black list alongside other editors.

Post edited July 03, 2016 by Imarion