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I was hoping for Galaxy achievements....
I agree, I'm kind of disappointed too...

I hope they add them in a near future.
Same. Still bought it, but I'd welcome the inclusion of achievements in a future update.
Same here.
I want the game but I will buy it when it has achievements.
I'm fed up of being a second-class customer.
Post edited June 15, 2019 by Pyromancer138
Pyromancer138: I'm fed up of being a second-class customer.
Well said. I wanted to give this game a chance beside it's not so optimistics reviews, but developers provided less functionality on GOG than on other platforms, so no money from me this time. As long as I have other games to play, I won't buy game that doesn't treat every platform equally.
Or add achievements or we will not buy the game.
Bring us achivevements ps
Great game, but... Add achievements, add hunter's hairloom dlc. Both must be present, so the game will be worth bying on GOG (and it's not only my oppinion),
Achievements have been added. Pic attached
TheGreatDustpan: Achievements have been added. Pic attached
And here I thought playing the game and having fun was achievement enough.
Achivements bug : cannot unlock them after Dorothy (Kill the sewer boss and ehlpe Sean)