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I have just beaten the Golum and Wilhem won't follow Cristof or the girl vamp. . . Any suggestions? He won't attack in battle unless I am controlling him and he stops attacking when I choose to control a different character.
This question / problem has been solved by Paradoksimage
merrittjd: Thanks a lot guys for your time. Would you mind posting the save file from Stephansdom 3? Thanks again. . .

Here is my file. The main problem is different attributes, disciplines and inventory.
This can be solved partially with cheats:
The code is addthing item_name - you can get all your items "back" this way.
To get your humanity back to 20 just kill some random civilians :). But remember that if it falls to 0 you lose the game.
sp1.jpg (86 Kb)
I'm having this same problem. After killing the golem, A red error showed up in the dialogue box, and after that Willhelm will not follow, and if I switch to control Willhelm, he won't move at all. Also, I tried going back to a previous save, and he has the same problem now there as well.