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I've played this game numerous times and I'm still a member of two other forums based on Whitewolf world based vampire games and there are many theories on this or that. Something just popped into my head this go round. I decided long ago that Meserach was a ghoul but never thought of who controlled him (afterall, a vampire being mumified?). It just occured to me that Lamastu may well be the controlling vampire. Not earth shattering - afterall, Meserach really doesn't have any direct affect on the story/game. But there is also speculation on why the character gets so strong so fast. I've always thought that the reason is that is how RPGs always work (ie, no explanation needed) but, just for fun, what if Lamastu showed up in LA and sired our character. Most theories have him/her as generation 4 but this theory would make the character a non-antideluvian generation 3. Hmmm.
I assume your talking about Bloodlines based on the references to Lamastu and Meserach. I'm not aware of them being mentioned in Redemption.

I can't credit the PC as either gen 3 or 4 given how easily the sire (who is apparently known to LaCroix) is taken out. Unless you're claiming that either an antediluvian realy is that much of a pushover or there's been a bait-and-switch for LaCroix's sake and the vampire executed at the trial isn't really the PC's sire. Granted a vampire as strong as a gen 2 or 3 is supposed to be probably could pull that off.