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VTM: Redemption is an excellent action-RPG set in the VTM universe. You play a young crusader named Christof who is turned during the Middle Ages and subsequently buried unalive for five or six centuries. Christof's mission is to find some way to redeem both himself and his lost love Anezka. Along the way, he joins forces with (and does battle against) representatives of many of the clans found in the game fiction. As Christof and his companions level up, their blood pools and the different clan-related blood abilities they can access increase. Unfotunately, unlike in Troika's 2004 follow-up, in Redemption, the player does not get to choose the protagonist's clan (he is made a Brujah). Nevertheless, Christof's story and the characters he meets are compelling and the gameplay is quite good.
This is one of those underrated gems that you might have missed the first time around; if so, grab it.