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Let's start with the shortcomings. As for the gameplay, I find this game quite repetitive. There are many comings and goings. Each new room implies a new wave of monsters to kill, crates to search and dozens of items to pick up, which means a lot of clicking. There are so many monsters to slay that it feels like an action game more than a true RPG. On the other hand, this makes the game more accessible than usual RPGs.
This is the kind of game in which everything is well-made. The interface is great, the music is superb, levels are extremely beautiful and well-designed. All this creates a fantastic ambiant in this fascinating universe. The plot is enthralling, it even includes a love story.
The end of the game is a bit disappointing, though. I found the modern times levels less interesting and with many clichés.
Yet, awesome game. A great way to discover vampires.