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I'm having a lot of trouble with Vampire, for a variety of reasons (would it have killed them to allow moving characters without clicking the mouse?). Most unfortunate is that I can't see dead bodies--neither slain enemies (which I'd like to raise with Serena's abilities) nor my own party members when they're in torpor. They just don't appear. The floor looks empty. If I click on the party member who is in torpor, I'll briefly see their body in a ghostly blue, which is the only way I can find them to use awaken. But this approach is far from ideal, especially when I'm in battle and can't spend 20-30 seconds looking for exactly where their body is in order to awaken them.
Has anyone else had this problem? Is it a known glitch? I can post my graphics settings if it helps; nothing special, just the 'high' settings.
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You can cast awaken on a character's portrait instead of a corpse. I don't remember ever seeing corpses in the game (I can be wrong though - it's been a long time ;)).
Paradoks is right. All personnel spells can be cast on your characters by casting it on their avatar. The bodies fade fast and always have. It's not new. I can't remember about the raise body disciplines, but I think it's not described properly. Try casting them on Serena, or on empty space on the ground. It may not need an actual body, the same why the summon animal disciplines don't need an animal.
Edit: Okay, scratch what I said above. There are 2 types of spells that I was getting confused with. There's sommun and control. Summon spells will make a familiar appear, be it animal/snake/ghost/whatever, control spells will make something become your ally for a short period of time. The difference being the later has to be cast on something be it in this case a dead body.
My only suggestion to you is, if you pause the game using the "Pause" key, (it should be next to "Scroll Lock") and then cast the spell on the body. I've been looking and they do fade pretty fast. They'll be gone before the end of the fight most likely. Again, as far as I can remember, this was always the case, but it should be doab;e this way.
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