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The title of my review is because I'd like to point out one of the glaring bugs that this game had: some of the worst hit detection I had ever seen. I almost eschewed any long range weapons, merely because of the fear of running out of ammo before my enemies would be dead. Even melee combat took far longer than it should have, just because the game was saying "you arn't hitting that target standing right next to you". I played the game once un-patched, then replayed with a patch that fixed the hit detection and other things such as the abysmal follower NPC AI. The game took about half the time it had before, all because enemies were dying quicker since they were actually being hit.
The story is decent if not predictable, the atmosphere and feeling of being damned kind of lessen once you get to the modern era, and the characterization is not that strong. Being unable to play as any of the clans in story mode was kind of an annoyance, as it stuck you with powers that you may or may not be happy with.
The online aspect was ok, it's very hard to get the same feeling you have of playing a pen and paper RPG, though the designers did their best with what they had. 4/10 before the patch, 6/10 after the patch. I recommend this to the fans of VtM (with the patching of course), but to most gamers and those who don't know the WoD (World of Darkness), I wouldn't really bother.