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What Bloodline mods add content? Which would be worth playing? Thanks!
There are two "overhaul" mods which are must play:
- The Final Nights; and
- Camarilla Edition

Both have their merits in terms of content/game mechanics, but in all fairness, it's been a few years since I played the game. However I can assure you both mods are worth at least a run.

Post edited September 10, 2020 by limier_martien
Another overhaul would be the Antitribu Mod, but it is more buggy than the two already mentioned. If you want completely new content, the only ones I am aware of are the Prelude, which is a prequel to Bloodlines, and the Wargames Mod, which plays in WWII and is completely different.
Are they really worth it? Where do I get them?
ModDB and/or Nexus Mods.
wesp5: ModDB and/or Nexus Mods.
Okay.......thanks.....I'll check them out.....