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Topic says most of it - why do I miss almost ALL THE TIME?

It's very frustrating.


It's just the way of the combat engine. Try raising your Dexterity, and using weapons with higher accuracy if it is really bugging you. Later on it is not much of a problem.
Blarg, THIS is exactly what I just came to the forum to ask about!

I switched to a dread broadsword because I miss so often (and I've never seen a rapier with a better than 'fine' prefix) but I still hit at most 50% of the time, it's incredibly annoying, but I've managed until-

I came across a Nosferatu named Othelio and this guy DOES NOT MISS, every time he swings his scythe a nice chunk of health is taken out. I've tried sucking his blood but because I can't focus on killing the other guys with him before I do so (because he would have killed me) they beat me until I just release him.

I'm playing AoR and my party members have been gone for ages.

I'm glad that someone did specifically say to raise dexterity though, because now I'm going to max it.
bushwhacker2k: I came across a Nosferatu named Othelio
Heh, yeah. I only beat him because I had seven or so lucky hits in a row, which made him run away.

Can someone confirm that Dexterity is relevant enough that there's use in putting points in it for the sake of hitting stuff, or is the impact miniscule?

Back in the days when the game was originally released, I stopped playing just because I couldn't hit shit. But that was more than ten years ago, and my understanding of English was quite poor, so I had no idea what I was buffing when I leveled my character.

Last week, I started this game again ( downloaded from ) and I built my characters up with equal strength and dexterity. I can confirm that it does improve - by a lot - your chances to hit.

Yes, you will still miss, but a lot less. Blood Dexterity also helps in that case.