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UPDATE: Got it running. Didn't realise I was running a 64-bit prefix and this is 32-bit (who builds things for 32 bit in <current year argument>?!?!)

There are a few caveats that I luckily picked out from the comments at protondb.

1 - When the game starts it's just a black screen but if you press spacebar a couple of times, it eventually loads the menu. Could be an mf-install install thing but my main rig is a bit messed up and doesn't play well with that so I can't tell.

2 - Additionally, the game hangs on exit. So after you select "quit game" you need to kill the process externally, which is a bit annoying but nothing super major

3 - So I'm using Lutris as a launcher and for whatever reason, it's unable to launch it. Opening logs point to a nullptr read. (wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 00000000 at address 106B9467 (thread 0009)). However, if
I tell it to open up the wine console and run the game from there, it runs fine (above caveats, etc...). Never seen this so unsure as to what's going on

Those details apart, once you're in the game, it's smooth sailing. I played for a bit with my Dualshock 4, no additional config necessary (though steam was handling it as it's open on the background)

Original post:

Hello there

Just recently bought this game here through GoG and have been unsuccessful in running it.
As per the title, I'm on Linux and need to run the game through Wine. There's currently no
Lutris recipe for this and I couldn't get it working myself though it shows as working perfectly on
ProtonDB so, unless there's something fundamentally different between the GOG and Steam
releases I think it's just something I'm missing and not quite catching on due to my own inexperience.

Is anyone able to shed any light on what I can try? (Short of refunding here and buying on Steam, which
I'm not really inclined on doing)
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