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Changelog for Patch 1.0.5 - Gamepad Update (added 21 October 2019):

- Increased compatibility with control pads.
- Fixed stuttering sound / frame rate issue.
- A few minor bug fixes.

Standalone installer updated (1.0.3 ⇒ 1.0.5): 23 October 2019.
I'm still trying to get Valfaris set up with my gamepad using x360ce and my Pro Ex controller but haven't had any luck in getting Valfaris to recognize anything.
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Changelog for Update 1.1 - Full Metal Mode (added 07 December 2019):

So you completed Valfaris and are feeling pretty smug about yourself. Well, don't get too cocky because the challenge isn't over yet! I'm happy to confirm that the free Full Metal Mode update is now live and it can't wait to kick your ass.

Here's what Full Metal Mode has got in store for you:
- All weapons, upgrades, and upgrade items carry over between runs
- Enemies have increased health, attack, and aggression
- Bosses receive the same buffs - with additional attack patterns
- Therion takes more damage
- New Destroyer Class Weapon
- New Achievement for defeating Full Metal Mode

Full Metal Mode unlocks after completing the game, so if you've already got a 'Game Clear' save file, you'll be able to jump into the – even deadlier – action as soon as the update has installed.

See the new weapon in action, as well as catching a glimpse of a couple of the new boss attacks, in the Full Metal Mode trailer.

Standalone installer updated: 1.0.5 ⇒ 1.1.