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This game is terrible. Is there a refund option? I 100% promise I will delete the installer and all extras and not distrubute this game if I can get my money back.

EDIT: I don't see an option to delete the thread. Anyone else that got duped by the raving reviews of this game should be happy to know that you can get a refund.
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Too many words? :(
galneon: Too many words? :(
The game has terrible writing.
galneon: Too many words? :(
mewtykins: The game has terrible writing.
I dunno, I am rather enjoying it so far. It reminds me of the old 80s anime stuff I used to watch on bootleg VHS like Bubblegum Crisis and others. Yes, I am that old :P I just wish the OST was available.

Nevermind. Found both OSTs on Amazon and got them both :)
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