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Hey all,

Bought this game on a whim, because Cyberpunk. Didn't really have any thoughts one way or the other when I bought it just, 'Hey it's on sale, and it sounds interesting'.

So, now that I've played through it and the Prologue (bought on a long time ago, it seems), I want more.

Any games anyone can recommend like this? I believe they are classed as 'visual novel' games? I do like the 'easter egg' of the PC-9X in the shop in the game, too. It's where a lot of these kind of games were made, I believe.
Are you looking for visual novels specifically, or anything cyberpunk? This is the only cyberpunk visual novel I know of.

Shadowrun Returns has good cyberpunk elements in it. If you haven't played that I would give it a go. It's also very story-driven but it also has tactical RPG elements and some fights can get pretty hard. It's definitely not a casual game.

If you don't mind psychological horror, Doki Doki Literature Club is a good visual novel. It's not cyberpunk but it has some fantastic writing. My advice? Go into it as blind as possible. If you know what happens ahead of time it has less impact. It starts out slow but gets better if you stick with it. It's free on Steam.
Have a look here, there is a tonne of 'em:

RED STRINGS CLUB is the stand-out from that list, I haven't played it but it gets rave reviews.
The same company made a spin off game where all the characters are in school together. VA-11 Hall-A KIDS!